Turning Excitement into Yawns, One Document at a Time!”

Cut the Fluff

When it comes to writing, don’t be rough,

Trim the excess, it’s time to cut the fluff!

No more jargon or words that bluff,

Clear and concise, that’s communication enough!

Whether a student or teacher, it’s useful stuff,

To get your message across, you must cut the fluff!

So let’s write with purpose, make it snuff,

The unnecessary details, let’s call their bluff!

In tech comm class, this lesson’s not a muff,

For effective writing, we must cut the fluff!

Acronym Overload 101

Dive into the world of TLAs (Three-Letter Acronyms) and FLAs (Four-Letter Acronyms).

By the end of this section, you’ll be speaking in alphabet soup!

The Art of Overcomplicating Simple Ideas

Learn how to take a straightforward concept and turn it into a convoluted, jargon-filled mess that leaves everyone scratching their heads

Mastering Buzzwords and Bull

Uncover the secrets of sounding intelligent without actually saying anything meaningful.

Impress your colleagues with phrases like “synergistic paradigm shifts” and “strategic actionable insights

Boring Presentation Techniques for Sleep-Inducing Slides

Explore the magic of monotonous slides, excessive bullet points, and unreadable charts.

Perfect for putting your audience into a PowerPoint-induced coma.

The Fine Art of Email Etiquette Overkill

Delve into the world of email signatures longer than the email itself, reply-all disasters, and CC madness.

Because why send one email when you can send five?

Grammar Police Boot Camp

Brush up on your ability to nitpick every misplaced comma and split infinitive.

Become the grammar tyrant your friends and family will love to hate.


“Tech Calm class was surprisingly enlightening! Who knew finding calm in the mundane could be so transformative? Highly recommend for anyone seeking a peaceful learning journey.”

Mr. Bean

Chief Boredom Buster, Tech Comm HQ

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